Thursday, June 12, 2008


We've sure been busy! Daniel decided it was high-time we had our own URL, so we got one. It was easy, especially with the CPM ad program we got by joining the Food Buzz Featured Publishers Program. I am not really sure how I found Food Buzz, probably through another blog somewhere in my internet food searching... anyways, its kind of like a social network for foodies... When your join their Featured Publisher Program they give you code for an ad banner and you make money off of it! Who doesn't want money to support their blog?

Anyways, update your bookmarks/links, cuz we are now at
(Annnnddd, I'll tell you a secret, if you are too lazy to update... it will automatically redirect anyways!) We have lots of plans now that we have our very own URL. We're so excited!

We've also joined a few blogrolls, namely The Great Cooks blogroll, from our friend Jill over at Simple Daily Recipes. If you haven't checked out her site, please do. Blogrolls are awesome not only to meet other foodies and view other blogs, but other people find you too! Another blogroll we joined is the Foodie Blogroll by The Leftover Queen herself, which is very extensive, so if you are looking for new material to read, check them out.
Jill from SDR also set up this awesome food-lovers' social network (myspace for foodies?) called the Great Cooks Community, it's similar to FoodBuzz, but I find the people there are a bit more social/talkative. Its pathetic really, how much time I spend on sites like this - but I couldn't cook as well as I do if I wasn't a part of these wonderful communities, I learn more and more each day!

Anyways, check out our favorite blogrolls on the left side of our page. Our favorite communities, like Great Cooks, are on the right. Enjoy!Stumble Upon Toolbar

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Jimi said...

Congratulations on the url. And welcome to the food buzz community. (Were here too)