Monday, August 11, 2008

A Birthday Weekend

My birthday was WONDERFUL! Despite Daniel's original plans being foiled... he was still able to pull off a pretty awesome weekend for me. My birthday was the tenth, but it started on Saturday night.
We went to White Chocolate Grill... my favorite restaurant... and it was wonderful, as always. He made reservations for 7 and once there we were seated right away. I just love the atmosphere in there... I can dress casual and feel fine, but of course, it was my birthday so I dressed pretty nice, and I still didn't feel out of place... It is a little noisier at night than it is during lunch hours (when I often meet my mother for lunch there) but the seating still allows for quiet conversations if that is your desire. We were seated near the open-style kitchen, but didn't mind as we enjoy being able to smell the smells and hear the sounds of chefs at work. I started my meal off with a White Chocolate Martini, made with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and Vanilla Chocolate vodka. It was so good, I could hardly taste the alcohol in it! (That could be pretty dangerous if you think about it...)
For a starter, I chose my favorite, Tomato Gin Soup. It is a creamy tomato-based soup filled with plenty of fresh herbs, meaty mushrooms, chunky tomatoes, and, here's the best part: they pour gin in at the end and you have to be 21 to order it because it doesn't cook off. Upon its arrival I thanks the server and slowly brought a spoonful to my mouth... It was so herby - I could immediately taste oregano, rosemary, the earthyness of the mushrooms, and the gin played through quite nicely with the rest of the flavors, the juniper and rosemary especially pair well. Daniel sipped his beer and happily waited while I finished the soup (tomatoes and mushrooms aren't his thing :)
For our entrees Daniel ordered the Maytag Blue Cheese Burger (a deviation from his normal Prime-Rib French Dip), and I ordered my old standby the Filet Mignon Cobb Salad. They always have wonderful specials and I was tempted by one this time, but for my birthday I wanted to make sure I had something I know I'd love.
The salad is filled with colorful rows of halved cherry tomatoes, chunks of medium-rare filet, eggs, maytag blue cheese, marinated mushrooms, and applewood smoked bacon, all atop fresh baby-greens that are lightly coated in a red-zinfandel vinegarette.
The Maytag Burger came out open-faced with mayonaisse, red onion, a beefy slice of tomato, and of course, the blue cheese crumbles that were completely melted onto the meat... it was cooked to Daniels specification perfectly (medium). The only problem was that there was supposed to be bacon on it, and the bacon was not visable or easy to find amongst the other tastes... Daniel thought that it might have been there, but since it wasn't a slab of bacon placed over the top, it wasn't noticed. He was fine with the burger otherwise, and, to him, it wasn't worth mentioning to the waiter.
Our waiter brought us water and asked if we'd like more at the end of our drinks, but we knew we'd be having more at home, so we waited... At the end of our dinner, we of course had to order dessert, I hadn't had a cake for my birthday in years, but the desserts sounded too good, so I had to have one. I selected the White Chocolate Brownie. It came out warm with white chocolate chips oozing out the sides, vanilla ice cream melting over the top, warm fudge drizzled over that, and finally a nice dollop of fresh whipped cream. It was white chocolate heaven in a bowl, and we could both barely finish it.
At home the next day, Daniel treated me like a princess: made breakfast for me, did the dishes (so I wouldn't be stuck with a weekend-full the next day) and for lunch, we ate Thai food from Erawan, a place just up the road (more about that later when I've sampled more of their delicious dishes). In the evening we made swiss fondue and drank my favorite Reisling, from Chateau Ste Michelle. It was a wonderful weekend, one I'll never forget. Thank you Daniel, I love you!Stumble Upon Toolbar

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