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Corinne's Reviews - Recipe Sites

If you are a food blogger, I'm sure you are aware that there are a ton of sites geared just towards you as part of the foodie demographic...
When we first started blogging about food, I got lost in the tons of sites there are for foodies... In trying to get our name out there and trying to connect with other foodies, I'd tell Daniel, "I've signed up for so many sites I can't keep track anymore!" And he'd laugh at my ambitiousness.
There are sites I've mentioned already - Great Cooks Community, The Foodie Blogroll/Forums, plus a ton others... some geared towards specific foodie audiences, such as Indian foodies or bakers, and some geared towards the general plethora of the foodie community. There are social networking sites, and food-porn sites (think Tastespotting), foodie-encyclopedias (on everything from food styling to writing restaurant reviews), and of course, good old digital recipe-keeping sites. I tried tons of sites from Allrecipes to Recipezaar. While I like (and occasionally use) these sites... you need no telling from me about them... they are some of the most popular and more used... What I want is to tell you about the lesser-known ones... in hopes that maybe you'll find one that fits your needs better.

These are some of my favorite sites that I've stumbled on in my quest for food blogging satisfaction :)

Key Ingredient - A recipe-box site that has some great tools for food bloggers.


  • Recipe "locking"which allows the user to choose whether their recipes can be built upon... always getting credit when your recipes are built upon, or not built upon, but still linked to, or the option to keep them totally locked in which people can't link to or build upon your recipes.
  • Recipe privacy sharing only with other network members, only "friends" of your choosing, or completely private (like your own little recipe box)
  • Html coding of recipes: This feature is what drew me to go to the site. Bloggers can take the HTML code that K.I. provides and paste it into their blog, the "digital recipe card" allows bloggers to show the recipe, along with a picture, and and "about" tab... all contained in a single form that shows up as a tabbed box your readers can click on to see the different features of the recipe. (see example at Dork Chow)

Group Recipes - A very interactive recipe site with a social twist. It calls itself a social network because the recipe rating, favorites, and grouping allows a lot of room for social contact.

  • Personal digital recipe box - G.R.s Recipe Manager lets you save other's and your own recipes into your own recipe box which allows you to organize into main folders, then further by category/sub category. My box contains the folders: My Own Recipes, Want to Try, Favorites, and General... but they are customizable. The subcategories are divided into things such as appetizers, drinks, lunch dishes, etc.
  • Another cool feature about the Recipe Manager? You can import recipes from external sites such as Recipzaar, etc... so you aren't limited to saving only tour own/G.R. users' recipes, and no re-typing in recipes that you don't already have in digital format
  • The "Recipe Robot" - When you sign up to use G.R. you take a little quiz that determines your "taste profile." When you view a recipe, the Recipe Robot tells you what its predictions are for the recipe whether you will really love it, just like it, not enjoy it very much, etc... You can browse recipes as well as users by taste profile, so you can find stuff that fits you.
  • Way cool search functions - You can also browse recipes by ingredients, or by flavor. Does a spicy chicken dish sound good to you right now? Great- type that in and all the recipes tagged spicy, hot, chicken, poultry, etc. will show up for you to drool over and use.
Other Features to look for:
  • Html of own recipes - when you submit a recipe, it automatically converts it into html code so you can insert the code on your blog... this is my personal choice for putting recipes here at A.G.L.A.
  • Groups - find recipes and meet foodies through similar food interests
  • Comparison Queue - compare two or more recipes face to face.
  • Ranking - doesn't affect the way you can use the site, but it sure is fun to submit as many recipes/comments as possible and watch your number go up!

Recipe Matcher - While this interactive site doesn't have a recipe box per say, it has some other awesome features that are sure to tickle your fancy.

  • Search by ingredient - You can browse many recipes (submitted by admin and users) by the ingredients of your choosing. For example: You have cream that is going to expire if you don't use it today! Plus you have some other ingredients that you want to use up... type them in and Recipe Matcher will find recipes for you that contain said ingredients.
  • You own personal "ePantry" - (for signed-up users) Browse a list of common kitchen/pantry items and check the boxes if you have it. Then, use the browse function to find recipes containing what you have. The list will be organized by percentage of ingrdients you already have... no more rushing out to the store to try a recipe you just found... work it the opposite way... find recipes that use what you already have!
  • eBar - Yes, it works with drinks too... Daniel and I have a pretty nice selection of spirits and liqueres, but we don't have everything... On lazy evenings it is nice to find drinks we have all the stuff for already.
Other cool features:
  • eGrocery List - Formats your grocery list into a printable version
  • Recipe Viewing - You can save favorites and view your own submitted recipes (though, recipes you submit are not guaranteed to show up :P )

Check them out, if you haven't already... and of course... let me know your favorites... I love exploring new sites and finding even more ways to meet new foodies. Enjoy!
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Michele said...

I can't believe you didn't mention Bakespace!!!! Have you checked it out yet?

Michele said...

Okay, I totally do not work for bakespace (but would take a job if it was offered! LOL) but it is THE BEST food related social networking site on the web. In fact they just had a relaunch and put some new and exciting things on the site. Babette (the creator and member and has become a friend) is ironing out some kinks here and there but it's awesome. I made some great friends there, some that live in my backyard and we have met and hung out and are real friends and some people who live all across the US and the World! In fact one of my fav bakespace friends is from England! Join you'll love it! It's where the cute girls cook! lol

terry said...

Hi Corinne. Thank you for sharing these sites. I love what you are doing on your blog and am happy to have found it. All the best, Terry /

Ivy said...

There are so many but to tell you the truth I made some really good friends from Group Recipes and if I remember I also met you there as well.
Now Corinne I have an Award for you.