Tuesday, August 26, 2008

From Fondue to Spinach

Nutmeg. The little egg-shaped seed of the genus Myristica. Sprinkle it on eggnog. Spice warm cider or wine with it. Grate it on your dark greens. Add it to cheese fondues.
I had, can you guess, leftovers-done-over the other day for lunch. As I mentioned earlier, we went camping last weekend. We made Turkey & Swiss sandwiches to cover a meal or two. At the end of the supply, we didn't really have enough turkey to make a sandwich with. Plus, the spinach we had bought before the weekend was looking pretty sad and needed to be made into something, and quick!
I decided to make a sort of Mornay sauce (we are good at faking these mother sauces, aren't we?) with olive oil, white flour, milk, and strips of the yummy swiss cheese we had leftover. Then, with a dab of my finger, I realized it tasted quite like one of Daniel's and my favorite past times... fondue! So, I sprinkled a bit of nutmeg in it. It was delicious! The nutty flavor of the swiss really comes through with the addition of nutmeg. I had thought spinach and turkey and swiss would all have tasted good together, so I began sauteeing some in some olive-oil Smart Balance. Hey! Nutmeg tastes good on greens too! Especially spinach (or Swiss chard)... so, I added a sprinkle to the spinach as it wilted in another pan. All the while I had been planning on adding the wonderful combination to some pasta, all in the name of lunch. Nutmeg was an after-thought... but oh what a wonderful after-thought it was!
The pasta was done and I tossed the spinach into the Mornay-esque sauce. I topped it with the pasta and then thin slices of our remaining turkey went in. I mixed it all around and the smell was to die for, so I couldn't wait to taste it! I actually burned my tongue bringing a forkful to my mouth. I restrained myself (in the name of unburned tastebuds and blogging) and set my bowl down to arrange some for pictures. Snapping away as quick as I could, I wondered what it would have been like without a few simple gratings of nutmeg.
Warm, nutty swiss cheese came through with a bit of bitterness from the spinach, then the warm salty turkey and the soft pliable noodles. And it wouldn't be, without nutmeg... which is why I decided to submit it to Sunita's Think Spice Event (This months even will be its one-year annivesary, stop by and congratulate her).

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Michele said...

Great post! I never heard of mornay sauce but I clicked your link and I know i can make that. I actually have a huge bag of shredded swiss in the freezer. It may be gruyere but I don't recall. Maybe emmenthaler but either way it would work great in this sauce. Thanks for introducing me to something new! Isn't blogging great?!?!

The Blonde Duck said...

That's a great idea! I would have never thought of that.

sunita said...

Thank you so much for your lovely entry...the bowl of pasta does look delish :-)