Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jungle Juice Redefined

Corinne and I were in the kitchen making dinner, and I was trying to figure out what I wanted to drink. It had been a long day, a beer sounded good but I was out. In fact we were out of just about out of all of our liquor too. We did have some vodka though so I started to look around for something to mix it with. My eyes landed on a tray of fruit, bananas, an orange and best of all…a mango! When I was younger we used to take all the fruit we could find, put it in a big ice chest and poor vodka or Everclear over it and make Jungle Juice. I thought we could do a little better than that (for flavor at least). I looked around and found some Grenadine and a bottle of sparkling water as well, picked up the tray of fruit and assembled it all on the dining room table. I sliced the fruit and placed it in a glass pitcher (much smaller then the ice chests we used to use!) and poured 1 cup of vodka in it (I wanted to save a little bit of the vodka for later) and the bottle of sparkling water. Then I used a jigger to measure out 1.5 oz of grenadine and poured that in the pitcher. It looked great, the fruit floating in the pitcher, the red color the grenadine gave to it. I couldn’t wait to try it!

I let it sit for about half an hour and poured a small glass. It was horrible! Half an hour is definitely not enough time for the vodka to be infused with the fruit flavor. I put the pitcher back in the fridge and drank a glass of water with dinner. The next day I took it out again and poured a glass with dinner. Much better, the fruit flavor was very pronounced. The bananas flavor was the most prominent with the mango coming in right behind it. I would recommend squeezing the orange juice into it if you want to taste the orange flavor, I did not do that and I wish I had. It was like drinking fruit juice, I could not taste the vodka at all.

Next time I try this I think I am going to use different fruits, some strawberries or watermelon would be good. Another option would be to add some lemon-lime soda, it would add some sweetness and fruitiness if used in place of the sparkling water. Though not nearly as strong as we used to make it, this is a bit more refined version of the Jungle Juice we drank in college.

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renaye said...

wow. the mixture u just did really sound like u were in jungle and desperate to get food!

don't worry i was in that kind of situation before but then i mixed the wrong herbs to bake a cake! it tasted awful!

but still ur mixture is very creative. i think strawberries and vodka will go together.

The Blonde Duck said...

I saw ya'll featured on Lore's blog! So cute, I love it!

Lo said...

I saw you guys on Lore's blog as well... I love the fact that there are other cooking couples out there!