Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Too Much Wine

Following up on yesterday's dandy little post... I wanted to share my breakfast with you... There is nothing like a greasy, spicy, full-of-protein-and-carbs breakfast after a night that makes you feel like hell the next morning.
Now don't get me wrong... I'm not one for all-nighters and getting plastered 'till your brain leaks out your ears from excess of alcohol. That's not, classy. Nor is drinking so much wine at a dinner party that things come toppling out of your mouth that would make either your husband or your mother blush bright red.
But there is something about even just a few glasses of wine that make me feel like hell the next day! I don't feel like I've had too much wine after a few glasses... and I've tried to prevent the hellish mornings with plenty of water before bed, or a nice hot shower, or, a nice cold shower, or aspirin. But nothing seems to work. I can shrug off nights of mixed drinks or a few straight shots... usually with plenty of water and a couple of aspirin, but when it comes to wine, it's a lost cause. When I finish off even one single bottle with Daniel drinking at least a glass... I'll still feel awful the next day.
It affects me in ways hard liquor could never dream of phasing me... and when I feel the way I do after a bottle of wine, I also feel it's high time for a splurge to make me feel better.
This type of breakfast is completely on the no-no list. But, when I eat it less than once a month, I can convince myself that it is OK and that it is going to make me feel better.

I also feel better about the fact that the eggs are fresh, the bread is whole-wheat, the sausage is made from free-range pork, and, I'm using up precious leftovers. Daniel is German and the fact is, no matter what is "on our diet," we will always have some sausage in the house, whether it's fresh from Sprouts or frozen in the freezer for a spur-of-the-moment Family Barbeque. We find this free-range pork sausage on sale at our local grocery store... every time we are there we check for packs that are about to expire and get the "Manager Special" sticker... They are fully-cooked and vaccuum packed, so, I think they are probably just fine. This one Daniel managed to snag for $0.99 (they normally go for over $6 for a pack of 4) This time, it was Andouille, but other varietys include Portobello Mushroom, Chicken & Apple, and Mango. Yum!
I plodded down the stairs and into the kitchen... pulled out some cold, leftover new potatos and shredded some cheese. Cracked a few eggs open and set them to fry. Popped some toast into the toaster slots and waited. Then, I remembered the sausage, so I sliced one in half and put it down next to my eggs... it crisped up wonderfully. I sprinkled the cheese over the potatoes and I had my Too Much Wine Breakfast.
It's one of the most satisfying meals I've ever had.Stumble Upon Toolbar

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Tom Aarons said...

This looks like the perfect Sunday morning breakfast. Yum!

Lore said...

We should all allow ourselves such a breakfast every now and then. Delish!