Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Simple Side

Here is one thing you might not think of as a side dish often. Radishes. I remember my father sitting down with a bowlful of them, stems removed, salt-shaker in hand. He'd sprinkle just a bit of salt on them and bite into the crunchy, peppery bulbs.
The little ones were always to much for me, I preferred the larger, more mild ones. Then, I forgot about them, until I began eating out (as an adult) and noticing them as second-thought garnishes to pretty platefuls of glorious food.
Daniel likes them too, we buy them and he snacks on them similarly to my father, just eats them right out from under the tap (after washing them you know). Well, we got a little too excited when we found them on sale... Daniel thought allowed, "Hey I can snack on these at work before I eat lunch!" And I thought it sounded better than a bag of chips or a oil-laden quesadilla from the site-cafe, so we bought a bunch, well, three to be exact.
Now, the first day, Daniel came home complaining of a stomach-ache. They were just too spicy for the morning before he had any food in his stomach (he refuses to eat breakfast). He tried them again the next day and still a stomach-ache, so, he was a little burnt out on them. I asked myself if I could possibly stand to eat that many by myself.
I absolutely love them with butter and a little sea salt, but that almost defeats their "healthy" aspect, so I began thinking of other ways to use/eat them. Luckily, I had stumbled across [eatingclub] vancouver, a blog by two sisters originally from Manila. They had a entry with not just one, but three(!) ways to use radishes. I remembered stumbling on their entry Radishes, Three Ways from goodness knows where, but luckily I had saved the entry in my bookmarks (obviously should such the current situation come up)! I went back to their post and surveyed the recipes... One, quite simply with butter and sea salt (hey, I think I've heard of that from somewhere :) And radish tea sandwiches. I didn't think Daniel would be eating those any time soon so I zeroed in on the last recipe, Glazed Radishes.

Very intriguing to me. They reminded me of Vichy Carrots... And, they were pink after cooking... Almost translucent.
Stop by their blog for the recipe... You can just make it out from their picture of the cookbook (If you Google glazed radishes you can find it as well). I, like them, didn't have as many radishes as the recipe called for, so I eyeballed the ingredients and went by taste. In fact, I tasted it so often I burned my tongue in anticipation, waiting for the pink, soft, slightly sweet & sour babies to be done! (How often does that happen to me? too often I will tell you :)

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The Blonde Duck said...

I would have never thought of eating radishes. Fascinating!

Ivy said...

That's a very interesting way to make radishes.

Darius T. Williams said...

I'd totally be down for this - this looks amazing! Plus how interesting can this be - radishes of all things!


Kevin said...

It has been a while since I last had radishes. I like the sound of glazed radishes.

Mimi said...

I've been wanting to try cooked radishes for years but could never get the courage up to try them. Thanks for doing this. They sound really good, I think I'll have to cook some soon!

The Blonde Duck said...

I have a surprise for you!