Monday, November 24, 2008

We're Back!

We're back!
Lets face it. Cartoons make fun of them, comedians make cheap jokes about them. Cruises. A boat full of old people and all-you-can-eat-buffet-goers scarfing down platefuls of mass-produced "gourmet" food.
Sheesh. People are harsh! Daniel and I have just celebrated our First Year Anniversay. When we got married, we went on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera for our honeymoon. He loved it so much we booked another on that very cruise, for a year later, to celebrate our One Year mark.
I don't know why I can't find much on cruise food. I'm not a snob, but I certainly know good food when I see it (and taste it!) I guess the problem lies with the fact that there is this HUGE kitchen where chefs and cooks churn out mass-produced versions of otherwise gourmet dishes. The dishes are fresh, presented beautifully, and delicious! It is the best time to try new things.

Escargot? Otherwise rarely found (especially in this wasteland of chain-restaurants we call Phoenix), and also quite pricey... when Daniel (the reformed-picky-eater) saw escargot on the menu he thought "why not?" Carpaccio of beef? Other than making it ourselves I've never had the chance to actually eat carpaccio, I've only even been able to drool over it on food blogs and gourmet/travel shows. Lobster? While not uncommon, it is very pricey and very rare that we might actually go out to get some. I've been on three cruises and each of them have had a lobster night where the waiters wait around to shove another plate of tails in front of you shoudl you ask.
It is a virgin-foodies dream... ask any foodie from an area such as ourselves and we will tell you, since we don't have the chance to try such wonderful things as escargot in our own backyard, its great to be able to try them on the cruise, when, basically, you've already paid and if you don't like it, they will bring you something else ten more times until you find something you DO want.
We were very bad at getting pictures of everything. The lighting in the dining rooms is not the best for food pics, but below, dear readers, are some of the things we were fortunate to try, pick at, or devour!

Carpaccio of Beef with a citrus-cream sauce and capers. Mmm!

Daniels favorite - Escargot! We missed the night they served this (we were in Hacienda Alemana) so we asked the Maître d' about it and he had the kitchen make one especially for us!
The melted garlic butter drew me away from the fact that I was eating a garden critter... it was heavenly.

Ceviche complete with various shellfish, and a raw mussel. It was an interesting experience for Daniel (I'm proud of you babe!)

Onto the main courses!
Rack of Lamb (no mint jelly please!)

Roasted game-hen. I believe that little cake is sweet potatoes. Sage-mushroom stuffing seems familiar, but this was Daniel's dish not mine :)

Pasta with Pesto - There was also paper-thin sliced of potato that had soaked up the pesto flavors, as well as french-sliced green beans. A green-lovers dream (delicious as well)!

Veal - chops? Not sure exactly, but Daniel remembers its being delcious! (We'll get it right soon enough dear readers, maybe next time we will take pictures of the menus as well!)

Pheasant with Pan-gravy. Mmm, this was cooked perfectly, not dried out. It had the most delcious caramelized onions on top. Now I can cross Pheasant off the to-try list!

Now for dessert! This was a Coconut confection... we just loved the designs on the plate :)

Double Chocolate Mousse - white chocolate and dark chocolate pair together to make a heavenly finish to your meal! You can see the Princess Cruise sea witch logo on the chocolate... pretty presentation

Chantilly Swans, my favorite! This was offered the same night the escargot was, so the Maître d'had the kitchen make this esepcially for me as well :) I just love the presentation and I cannot beleive they make these little swans out of pastry dough!

Do you want to cruise now? I know I do... Keep a lookout for upcoming entries on the various restaurants we ate at while in port like Hacienda Alemana, Langosta Feliz, Victors on Stone Island, and a review of Off The Vine, a wonderful wine shop we visited in San Pedro before we left!
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haleysuzanne said...

Yay, Corinne is back!!! So glad you guys had a wonderful time on your cruise. Looks like you had some wonderful food, too! Happy Thanksgiving!

Ivy said...

Welcome back Corinne. It looks that you've had a great time. Those dishes look great. Shall be waiting to hear more about your stories.

The Blonde Duck said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time--just in time for Thanksgiving!

Darius T. Williams said...

You know what - I really think it depends on which cruise line you're on. I'm on a cruise this weekend for 7 days...I'm praying for great food.


Michele said...

1st - Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary!!!

2nd - Cruises are NOT just for old people!!!

3rd - You are right, it's the best way to try new foods!!!

4th - And certainly not least...I'm so glad your back to posting!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Lore said...

I want to go on a cruise, I want to go on a cruise, can anyone hear me? Echo-echo :D
Welcome back guys and oh my do I love what you tried! The designs on dessert plates look great