Monday, August 24, 2009

Overseas Pizza

Pizza in Switzerland:

The toppings are Salami mit Ananas (Pineapple).

Okay, I know what your thinking; "He's writing about pizza?" I know it sounds pretty boring for a post on this blog, but the differences between what we as Americans are used to and what we encountered in Europe, I found interesting enough to write a quick post about.

We had this combination of Salami and Pineapples a few times in Germany, because its similar to a Hawaiian (but much better!) The Pizzas there can be very different from what Americans are used to. Both in odd toppings (fried eggs, peas, corn, seafood, rocket, have fun trying to get American pepperoni! Download the menu to see for yourself some of the differences) and in sizes. German pizzas are more commonly sold as individuals rather then a family size. We ate multiple times at Panther Pizza in Markgröningen (near Stuttgart), a couple times at sidewalk cafes in Munich and once in Switzerland (only place near our hotel that would take Euros and wasn't over €60 per person! It was probably just that we were near the airport but Swiss restaurant prices are outrageous!)

Corinne and I both discovered that the German salamis are by far superior to the Swiss salamis, however the cheese in Switzerland was just phenomenal. But really, would you expect anything less from the home of Emmentaler and Gruyere?
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The Blonde Duck said...

Pizza is totally worth writing about.

Mimi said...

The pizza at the place you posted the menu from sounds really, really good.

We have a restaurant that is a 35 minute drive away in a town with a population of about 1400 people that does food that is local within a 500 mile radius. They make stunning pizzas with interesting ingredients. There is much to be said with tossing out the pepperoni!