Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not just any old burger

Corinne and I bought some thick sirloin patties from our local Supermarket, we do not eat a lot of hamburgers but these looked way too good to pass up (and they were super cheap!). We were talking about what to do to them, because we figured the just looked too good to ruin these bad boys with mustard and ketchup.

Corinne suggested I add some applewood smoked bacon and the guacamole that we had recently made to mine. I suggested that she add pineapple, Teriyaki sauce and mayo to hers.

Corinne loved hers, she agreed that the mayo is what pulled all the flavors together. Corinne is not really a big burger fan but that night she finished hers before I did.

Mine was fantastic as well, the guacamole and bacon complemented each other perfectly. Both salty and sweet (thanks to the applewood bacon), the flavors virtually exploded with every bite.

The only downside was that the burger patties shrunk A LOT :-(

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Chris said...

Just checking out the 5 random blogs on Foodie Blogroll today.

Great looking burgers! Love applewood bacon.

Velva said...

There is nothing like a couple of great burgers!

Annie Burkett said...

That burger looks so juicy and delicious. These are what makes me go back to fast food chains.

Sebastian said...

Those are both delicious and juicy burgers. Now I'm craving to buy one.